Senior Keyboards and music apps

Years 3, 4 and 5 are progressing through a unit of Keyboards and using the music apps, Beat Boss, Beatwave and Blocs Wave.

Percussion & Rhythm

The Year 2’s and 3’s have been looking a percussion and rhythm. They use Toms, Tambourines and Triangles/Shakers to recreate classic rock beats from drum kits. Using either Glockenspiels or Keyboards, they create a simple 3 note rhythm to accompany the beat.

Did you prefer to play a part of the beat, or the rhythm?

“Give me a Word!”

The hip hop activity for year 5 this week was, “Give me a word.” Children have a backing hip hop track and freestyle to a word they are given. They use that word in small sentences to the rhythm of the backing track. We had a large variety of verses pumped out.