Welcome back 2018

Welcome back to school for 2018. Here are your Specialist teachers for this year. We cannot wait to see you all!


Physical Education……. Mr. McDonald

Visual Art……. Miss Brewster

LOTE……. Chen laoshi

Music……. Mr. Vitale

Literacy Support (F-2)…….. Miss Comben

Literacy Support (3-6)……. Mr. Wilczek

New uniform!

Exciting news! We have been working with PSW to update and improve our uniform. The sports polo has been given a fresh new design and the school hat is now purple and created in a lighter, more breathable fabric. A special sports top in a fabulous sublimated design has been introduced for our Year Six children and a black beanie with embroidered logo will be introduced in time for the winter months.

These new items will be phased in throughout 2018, so there is no urgency for families to rush out and make these purchases immediately.

Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform

This year the children will wear their sports uniform to school on the day that they are participating in a Physical Education enrichment session or in Years 4, 5 and 6 Sport. The children will remain in their sports uniform for the day. There will be no need to change at school.

IMG_3319The sports uniform consists of the official purple school polo shirt with school logo, black shorts and appropriate sports shoes.  This uniform is only to be worn on the days when your child has a Physical Education class or is participating in Years 4, 5 and 6 Sport. If they come to school in sports uniform when they are not required to wear it, they will be considered out of uniform.

It is timely to remind parents that jewellery can pose a risk during Physical Education sessions. Stud earrings and sleepers worn in the lower earlobe are the only acceptable jewellery. Watches are permissible upon parent approval. No responsibility is accepted by the school.

Physical education and sport timetable:

Monday 321, 320, 518, 513, 511
Tuesday 602, 124, 125, 007, 008, 217
Wednesday 005, 006, 101, 103
Thursday 216, 322, 323, 519, 512, 604
Friday Years 4, 5 & 6

Lisa Vandenbosch

Acting Principal

Pokemon is on the move

On Monday the 21st of November Pokémon cards will be moved out of the playground and into Pokémon club.  Pokémon club is a place where you can join other Pokémon card enthusiasts to discuss, play and trade.  Foundation, Year One and Year Two children can attend Pokémon club on Friday lunchtimes in the Science space next to room 002 with Ms Reich and Ms Klyn.  Year Three to Six children can attend Pokémon club in 515 on Tuesday lunchtimes with Ms Dunstan and Mr Cuss. Please bring along your cards in a named container or a zip lock bag.

Pokémon cards will no longer be allowed in the playground.


This week children will be bringing home an Office365 Education consent form. Office 365 Education is an internet based service provided by Microsoft for educational purposes only. By having this form signed children and teachers will be able to engage in real time learning, online collaboration and enhance their digital literacy in class. Children will be able to create work which will then be saved in the online ‘Cloud’ that teachers will then be able to instantly access and children can access from home. The program is completely free and being used in schools all around the country. Apps included for children are Exchange online email, Lync online, SharePoint online, OneDrive, Microsoft Office apps, Yammer, Office Video, OneNote Classroom, Microsoft Classroom and Sway.

Please support the school by returning the form as soon as possible. If you or your family has any questions you can contact the school office on 5991 3600 or visit during school hours.


Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser
This Saturday 19th of November

We need your support this Saturday to help staff the BBQ. If you can give us an hour of your time between 8am and 4pm we would be extremely grateful. Many hands make light work and the more sausages sold the more money the school will have to spend on enriching your child’s educational experience. All money raised will support the construction of our Pirate Ship.