School Disco

A big thank you for the support shown for the disco. As we’ve discussed at each assembly over the last month, the donations go towards a Musical instrument Pod, which allows children to Jam together in relative silence, allowing for multiple songs to be played at once.

DigiTech: ICT vs. DT

This year children have begun to learn about technology in a new way. In the past we taught ICT which is the use of technology in various formats. In 2017 we are teaching Digital Technologies, which focuses on how technology works.

Digital Technologies includes one of the children’s favourite activities… coding!

Coding, or visual programming is the process of setting a series of steps in a program and then watching them run. Short commands like ‘move forward’ or ‘move backwards’ are usually involved, but to make things more interesting these programs are often set in game like settings including Star Wars, Minecraft or Moana. is the world’s most prominent coding website, be sure to check it out if you are interested yourself.

School Disco

Hello everyone,

The music department are running a second disco. It will be loads of fun with more of the best Just Dance video clips. Please see the flyer below for details.

Foundation: Clips

In Digital Technologies this week we are exploring different feelings we have and the sequence of events that usually lead to these feelings. Children are then using the ‘Clips’ app to create some short video footage that represents these feelings! ‘Clips’ is a free app available on Apple devices and one that you will find very user friendly.

Band time

Just a reminder that we have Band time three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday Recess) and choir once a week (Thursday lunchtime).



Which instrument would you like to play?

Divisional Soccer & Netball

Last week the Netball and Soccer teams participated in the Casey South Divisional rounds of the School Sport Victoria state championships. The Netball team won their first 2 games against Narre Warren P-12 and Strathaird but lost out in the final to Narre Warren P-12. The Soccer teams managed to go unbeaten all day and won their final game 4-0 against Hillsmeade Primary. This sees the Soccer team qualify for the South Metropolitan Regional round to be played at Casey Comets on the 15th of August.

Well done to both teams.